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ARURA (Microcosm - Macrocosm)

There is an old legend telling the story of a souls long journey. Starting its journey as a shining particle called Jivatma it evolves into complex forms of life such as human beings and even travels all the way to the stars. It is a story of evolvement through nature, a story telling the tale of how experience is gathered in the material world through the particles travel from one stage to another. The story of its evolvement through nature is archived in an eight-meter high tower consisting of 360 hexagonal elements storing the information. Twelve basic building elements shape the tower in a spiral form. Passing through thirty stages and seven levels on their way from base to top. The tower consists of twelve spirals, from whom six are golden. 


ARURA shows the evolvement process, the journey through seven stages from microscopic particle to giant forms such as stars and galaxies. Starting with a first impulse creating elementary particles and after that the atomic nucleus forming electrons and atoms. They connect building three-dimensional structures that form a molecular grid of inorganic material. Further along it changes through animated pictures to complex crystal forms and rocks. 

The journey continues with the next level: the organic world starting with cells and bacteria. These first simple organic forms look a lot like inorganic forms and structures. The early single cells and algae later develop into complex plants and form the level of plants. Later they evolve to even more complex forms of life, such as insects, vertebrates and humans. Passing to the next level we leave earth behind traveling to planets and stars. 


The story of this evolvement is archived in a kind of memory storage. Every single storage unit is shaped like a hexagon, or to be more precisely, shaped like five hexagons in one. The Hexagon is a form much appreciated by nature. You can find cells of hexagonal shape that combined together form larger units of high stability and excellent statics. This is a basic bionic principle. 


In nature porcelain is a material believed to be an excellent storage unit, because of its density and weather resistance. It is an everlasting memory storage made from natural materials. This fantastical view is based on nature and ones look at oneself. Especially in our technology ruled times we loose our connection to nature and with this the chance to understand and perceive ourselves.

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